Often I see in forums individuals or companies with the same complaint “why is my web site not ranked in Google, Yahoo or Bing (MSN)” Chances are that they have paid hundreds or thousands to have the ultimate in web site with all the flash, whistles and bells, great eye candy but no good if it can’t be found.

Your potential customers do not want to spend hours finding you, a badly optimized site is next to useless unless you have a unique product or service.  Look at it this way, if I am in a very large library in the dark, I am mute, I have a £100 to give away hidden in a book but that £100 is only available for 120 seconds, how will you find the £100? Good optimization makes your site shout, the better the optimization the louder the shout.

Did you know that most people searching on the web do not go past the first page and tend to look at the top 3 results?

I offer the service of inspecting your website and producing a report, giving you a detailed breakdown of problems and what to do to get your site viewed by your target audience.

I can prepare site maps and robots txt files, in some cases I am able to implement the changes needed to get your site ranked with Google and Yahoo.

Ok so now you are saying “ how do I know that Tony Bailey can do what he says he can” well lets give you a little job to do.

Fire up your browser choose either  Google or Yahoo, on a UK search, type in “honda generator specialist” you will see that 5 of my sites are on the first page, being in top spot. Now try “honda generator repair” is in pole position. Yep you guessed it! I am a Honda generator specialist, my main business is the repair of Honda generators, the SEO stuff is a hobby.

The site is new and only been up on the web a matter of months but has steadily climbed up the pages. On Bing it has number 5 position on the first page. Do I pay to have these sites at the top or on the first page? no never, no PPC and no company wanting £100’s per month to get me there.

My sites are not the best designed (I am not a hitech web builder) but they perform well due to the optimization I give them.

Ah you you are looking at the ranking of this site!!! good point and well worth the observation, this site is new, like all sites it will find its way up the ranking, after all I have optimised it in order to get you to look at this page. Was I shouting at you or waving my arms around in the dark in the vain hope that I would be found? Sorry but no £100 to give away for finding me!

So what do my services cost? I charge £50 to inspect your site  and produce a report highlighting the problems and what to do to get your web site a good ranking, I cannot promise top spot but the top spot is achievable if your site is well presented has good optimization and updated on a regular basis.

If you need me to put these changes into place then I have a good web designer, POA.

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