Make a web site with iweb 09

Make a web site in iweb 09

  1. 1. Use your own nav bar and set up page

  2. 2. Make a banner in Photoshop

  3. 3. Optimise images in Photoshop

  4. 4. Make a favicon.ico

  5. 5. Manage your site with Taco

  6. 6. Upload using an FTP

I used to use Adobe GoLive for my web design, loved to experiment with all the features GoLive had to offer but it was time consuming and at the end the code was not clean.

The good thing about iweb is that the HTML code is clean, it validates with W3C so you can add the W3C validation logo to your pages.

iweb is different, it’s not rocket science, it does not have the flexibility of a full blown web authoring program like Dreamweaver or GoLive but time is money and the end result can be very impressive.

iweb delivers fast results with the ease of a word processor, all that is needed is your  imagination.

There’s a lot that I have yet to learn but as new things come up I will add them to the tutorials, but don’t hound me on how to do this and that, after all I am still a learner myself but am eager to hear from you on anything new. Email me.

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OK, lets make a web site.