I still hear the words “can’t get the programs for a Mac that is why I have windows”

Never hear from the people that utter these words that they are happy with  a slow running windows box due to it being bogged down with anti virus software.

I love my Macs, have been using them for over 10 years now and been amazed at the way the OS has grow, it must be good because you see so many of the OSX features in MS Windows.

So what programs do you need? Leopard has it all, word processing, spreadsheets, web authoring, movie editing and making music to name a few, this suits me because I am no gamer, I just need my Mac to work, if I wanted to play games I would get a play station.

What do I do mainly on my mac?

Web design using iweb,

SEO work using various tools,

Photoshop for the graphics I need for web work,

Mac mail,

Quick Time for the odd small movies that I upload to youtube,

Safari for web browsing,

imovie for my movie projects,

Pages for word processing,

Numbers for spread sheets,

itunes for all my music, podcasts and movies.

I have all that I need and more.