Hi and welcome to my site.

I am a Honda generator technician by trade but my Mac is one of my hobbies. This site was built on a imac using the new Apple iweb 09 program.

As you can see from the nav bar I have a few topics but the main side is the SEO (search engine optimization). The SEO stuff  is a side line but used to get my main business sites top of Google,  Yahoo and Bing pages. Type “Honda generator repairs” in to Google or Yahoo (UK search) there you should see my main site “Offmains” top of the natural listings, OK it is not the greatest of sites, but if it gets the hits then the SEO stuff has been done right!

I use the Apple iphone which I have to say is the best phone I have owned to date (can’t wait for the next update) so I will be including what I think are cool apps.

Have a look at my tutorials pages, I will be adding more tutorials as time allows.

Want a few tips on how to use and manage a web site made with  Apple iweb then there will be a few added, once again as I get time.

From time to time I will have a few Mac items for sale so keep an eye on this site.

For all you newbies to Mac or those that want to change over to Mac I hope that you find this site helpful.

Please feel free to email me if there are issues with this site or the tutorials.

Tony Bailey

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